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IAAO BC – President’s Update

Dear Member, As we are now entering the last few months of the year and the seasons are changing, it prompts me to reflect on all we have accomplished so far. I would to thank all chapter volunteers who have worked tirelessly to move the chapter forward. A special mention goes out to Tom Havlicek, who maintains the webpage. Chapter Progress Since the last update in July, the executive continues to work on strengthening the chapter and deliver on the

Notice of 2019 Election

TO:  ALL IAAO BC CHAPTER MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING RE:  Notice of Election   If you are interested in becoming a member of the Executive Committee please read the full version of the IAAO BC – 2019 Election Package. It is recommended that you return the Nomination form (download) and the Candidate Profile form (download) to the Nomination and Elections Committee by November 2ndth to allow adequate time to notify Chapter members before

IAAO BC Chapter’s Member update

Dear Members,It has been a busy start to 2019. Your executive welcomes to the board two new IAAO members: Shannon Brown-John and Tamanna Hamid.I will like to thank Tina Dhamni and Tina Ireland for their work over 2018 to move the chapter forward.Since the last update in December, the executive continues to work on strengthening the chapter. For more info please open the following document (The March member update .)

1st Annual General Meeting of the IAAOBC

Dear members, Thank you for your participation in our first Annual General Meeting of the IAAOBC. We had better than 50% of members attending the AGM, which bodes well for a strong year ahead. Also, in the “boding well” department is the new Chapter Executive. The energy, experience and focus reflected in the 2019 Executive committee at this pivotal moment makes for a very exciting outlook to the coming year… and beyond. After four rounds of voting the elected members are: Tamanna Hamid Laura MacLean Shannon

From the Chapter executive

Hello fellow Chapter members, I am happy to share some news from the Chapter executive. We had very strong group of nominees for the interim director position in September. This bodes very well for the regular elections this fall. In the end Laura MacLean (Senior Appraiser with BCA) was elected to the interim Director role. Laura was already an active member of the Chapter and the IAAO generally, helping to organize our IAAO Executive Board special reception in Vancouver in July and