Beau Rossel



Beau Rossel (RI)

Beau is leading the Appraisal Modelling team at BC Assessment, responsible for the production of the annual Mass Appraisal Report for residential and strata residential properties across BC. He has been with BC Assessment since 2007, and has served the company in a variety roles, including residential and commercial valuation. Beau has completed his Diploma in Urban Land Economics with UBC’s Sauder School of Business, and is designated with the Real Estate Institute of BC since 2013. His interests include collaborating with BC Assessment’s Learning Centre in developing and delivering training, exploring new ways of engaging with and utilizing data, and enhancing leadership advancements and general professional development within the company. Beau’s priority is to continue exploring where the BC Chapter of IAAO can expand its membership, work with other organizations to further mass appraisal for equitable valuation and taxation, and identify opportunities to provide educational opportunities for those interested in furthering mass appraisal through technological advancements.