Data Science and Real Estate Appraisal

Presented By:    Nolan Derby and Tiffany Simmons

Duration:             1 hour

This webinar will demonstrate features of the free and open source software R and Microsoft Power BI. Links to R reproducible R scripts and real assessment data will be provided to attendees for additional learning reinforcement opportunities.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Accessing and running R scripts in RStudio Cloud with public data
  • Importing and cleaning data sets
  • Creating and interpreting basic multiple regression analysis (MRA) models
  • Validating models using summary statistics and visualizations
  • Visualizing sales data and model performance
  • Accessing and downloading PowerBI
  • Importing data to PowerBI
  • Validating models using summary statistics
  • Visualizing data with PowerBI

Note: This is a general overview of how different modelling techniques work and BC Assessment uses some of these techniques on some property types. BC Assessment is constantly evolving the way we do property valuation to maintain our status as a market leader in the industry. With that being said, this is a general overview of modelling and not specific to BC Assessment.


  • Expand knowledge of mass appraisal modelling and/or receive recertification credits
  • Enhance technical understanding of inputs and outputs of modelling in a real estate context
  • Personal and professional development
  • Understand the impact of data quality on current modelling process and future possibilities

 Professional Accreditation Recertification Credits

  • Please contact your professional accreditation body to confirm the applicable professional accreditation recertification/development credits


Webinar Prices

Chapter Member:         Free
Individual:                       $10
Office:                               $50
Organization Level:     Please contact for more information.

Event Details

Wed 6 Oct 2021
11:00 am PDT
Online Webinar

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